Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Jekyll Island, GA

It's been cold here in the Midwest so lets think about warmer places!

As a Midwesterner through and through, I used to think that each beach was the same as the next. All you need is sand, the ocean, and maybe a palm tree or two right? Oh how wrong I was!

We've since learned that beaches can vary widely and each have a unique experience to offer!

Jekyll Island is a perfect example.

Located off the Georgian coast, about halfway between Florida and South Carolina, and just an hour outside of Savannah, this island community is a true gem. Our vacations are such that we don't fully explore each area, but I feel confident in saying that a family could easily spend several days or even a week here and not be bored!

Driftwood beach was the highlight of our time spent here. The other beaches on the island were fine, but this one was our favorite. It was unique and we found more more sea creatures on this beach than any other we've visited anywhere.

Blue jellyfish!

Look how well he blends in!

All of these things were found just wandering up and down the beach! If you've never seen a live sand dollar, they are really fun to observe! They shimmy back and forth to bury themselves in the sand.

Live sand dollar!


At one point, my oldest was just reaching into the water and scooping out sand dollars and shells with crabs in them. The water was just teeming with life!

Of course, there's a lot of driftwood to admire and climb on, too.

Jekyll Island has a lot to offer homeschoolers.

You could:

What you need to know:

Jekyll Island hosts a variety of events throughout the year so be sure to check the events calendar ahead of time to either take advantage of a particular event or avoid the crowds.

There are no lifeguards at any Jekyll Island beaches.

Good shoes are a bonus on Driftwood Beach because of the rock barrier. There are places where you can safely pass through, but sometimes you have to do quite a bit of walking to get to those spots. Also, if your kiddos want to climb the driftwood they'll want more than bare feet or flip flops!

Take plenty of water and snacks with you to the beach. Most of the beaches don't have concession stands. 

Be sure to visit the bathrooms before you hit the beach since the water is usually a bit of a hike from the parking lots.

If you do get antsy, go up North to visit the lighthouse, pier, and shopping at St. Simon's Island.

St. Simon's Lighthouse at night.

St. Simon's Island Pier. We saw dolphins!

Additional Resources

For more about visiting Jekyll Island with kids, check out this site.

Click here for a sea turtle unit study.

Free ocean animal coloring pages here.

"Who Lives in the Ocean?" free printable book at this site.

Look for the books below at your local library. If you decide to purchase, please use the links below to help support my blog through the Amazon Affiliate program!

The last three books are textbooks that my youngest used for science a few years ago - and loved! You purchase the textbook and then one of two available journaling textbooks that are rated for different ages. If you have a kiddo who LOVES ocean creatures then you'll want to check those out!

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