Tuesday, April 2, 2019

T. R. Pugh Memorial Park, Little Rock, AR

If I had to choose one word to describe T.R. Pugh Memorial Park it would be "magical." From the moment you step inside the gates, you'll feel transported to fairyland. It's for good reason so many go to this park for pictures and weddings!

The main structure, the grist mill, was built in 1933 and was intentionally made to look abandoned, but it's perfectly safe to explore. Several unique bridges, sculpted to look as though they were constructed from branches, grace the park and provide lots of climbing opportunities. There are foot paths and ponds and everything is surrounded by lots of natural beauty as well.

I can't imagine there's ever a bad time of year to visit this gem, but if you can go in late Spring/early Summer as we did, you'll get the added benefit of all of the lovely flowers in bloom. Be sure to take your camera and maybe even consider dressing up a bit to take advantage of the scenery and get some great family photos.

Grist mill and pond

Exploring the grist mill

The wheel

One of many views from the inside

Turtle spotting from the big bridge

How cool is this bridge?!

Bridge and pond from the mill

A child's paradise!

View of mill from bridge

We easily could have stayed for hours and I'd love to return some day!

What you need to know

It's free!

Because of it's picturesque beauty, many weddings are hosted here throughout the year. I highly recommend calling ahead to make sure a wedding isn't taking place when you are planning to visit. Also, keep in mind that it may get crowded on weekends. We were there first thing on a Sunday morning and had the place to ourselves for about half an hour which was nice.

There are no restrooms or water so be sure to take that into consideration before heading out.

Some of the park is accessible, but not everything will accommodate a stroller or wheelchair.

For more info and fun facts about the park, you can visit their online brochure. I hope you enjoy this amazing place as much as we did!

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