Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Falls Park, SD

On road trips I'm always on the lookout for quick stops where we can stretch our legs and see something new. Falls Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is the perfect side adventure!

There's quite a bit to do in this area, but we were on our way to the Badlands and just needed a quick stop so we stuck to Falls Park. The boulders near the falls and scattered nearby are perfect for restless legs and the mill makes for a perfect picture-taking opportunity. 

Speaking of photos, be sure to take time to visit the free 50ft viewing tower inside the Visitor's Center!

There are a few other buildings that might be worth popping into, if you have time. The old horse barn now houses exhibits regarding the history of regional agriculture. The cafe has a few historic items on display.

If you have time and want to explore some more, there's a series of paved paths than can be followed. Sculptures are scattered around the park. Twelve are permanent and additional sculptures are added on a rotating basis.

What You Need To Know

The hours vary slightly during the year and the park is closed on major holidays. 

The paths are paved, but the boulders near the falls are uneven and require sturdy footwear.

When we were there, visitors were allowed to walk out on the rocks and explore. Their website doesn't indicate that anything has changed,  but be sure to look for and obey any signage.

Downtown Sioux Falls is nearby and has lots of dining options, but there is also a cafe at the park during the warmer months. Of course, with some planning, this would be a great place for a picnic, too!

If you'll be driving through at night, consider swinging by! The park is lit up and would still make for great viewing!

Additional Resources

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